Vegan “Meaty” Pesto Low Carb Noodles

What you will need:
1 packet of “healthy noodle”
1 packet of “beyond meat” crumbles
1/2 jar of vegan pesto
1 tablespoon “coco by nicole” coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan
As much fresh basil as you want
As much cherry tomatoes as you want

Heat saucepan to melt oil.
Add beyond meat crumbles let sizzle for three minutes then add the pesto.
Stir until sauce thickens then add the Himalayan salt.
Add the packet of “healthy noodle” and mix. Be careful not to mash the noodles as they are soft.

Remove from pan on to a plate then add the fresh basil and cherry tomatoes.

High fiber
High protein
Low carb
No sugar except naturally derived from tomatoes (fruit fam)
Filling but not bloating
Helps to lower cholesterol
Natural Alkalinity due to Himalayan salt
Great for skin due to coconut oil

Jackie Dharmawan